A service where you and your team can centralize, organize and activate all your relationships
Hi, this is Mately!
Everything you need to do a better work
Customize contacts with the data that matters to you. Add custom fields, tags, descriptions, map relationships and organize them into groups.
Supercharge your contacts
Create tasks, reminders, track all important details about your interactions.
Track and remember
Import contacts from iCloud, Outlook or Gmail. Replaces for managing contact lists.
Sync everything in one place
Share groups of contacts with your team, engage, collaborate and control access. Whether you teams are colocated, distributed, or fully remote, you will always be able to track all interactions. Know what was said last, and when.
One source for your team’s contacts
First CRM designed not for salespeople, but for all others
Replaces for managing contact lists
Also a version
for desktop!